Mechanical Systems Technology | Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Date:February 18, 2013


Hoshizaki Electric Company was established in February, 1947 in Nagoya, Japan by Mr. Shigetoshi
Sakamoto. One of the first electrical products manufactured and sold by Hoshizaki Electric was
vehicle horns. Over the years, Hoshizaki Electric has manufactured and sold a variety of products
to include stoves, refrigerators, vending machines, water purifiers, servers and dispensers, icemakers
and refrigerated show cases.
As a subsidiary of Hoshizaki Electric, Hoshizaki America was established in Los Angeles, California
in December 1981. The Hoshizaki America facility in Peachtree City, Georgia was completed in
1986. An additional manufacturing facility in Griffin, Georgia began operation in early 2001.
Hoshizaki America presently manufactures and markets a wide range of commercial icemakers,
dispensers, refrigerators and related products to customers throughout the western hemisphere.
The sales and service network of Hoshizaki America includes distribution centers in California,
Texas, New York, Ohio, New England, and Florida.